Conferences and courses

The members of the research team had been part of the organization of different research activities and lecturing graduate courses.

Planned activities


- Finite Geometry and Ramsey Theory, Banff, September 2025 (S. Ball and P. Morris: organisers)

- New trends in arithmetic combinatorics and related fields, Granada, April 2025 (O. Serra: organiser)


- BGSMath advanced course Threshold phenomena in random structures, Barcelona, November 2024 (P. Morris, T. Naia, G. Perarnau: organisers)

- VI Encuentro Conjunto RSME-SMM, Valencia, July 2024 (G. Perarnau: organisers of a special session)

- Discrete Mathematics Days 2024, Alcalà de Henares, July 2024 (M. Noy: member of the scientific committee, L. Vena: member of the organizing committee)

- Journées Nationales de l’Informatique Mathématique, Grenoble, March 2024 (G. Perarnau: plenary speaker)

- Congreso Bienal de la Real Sociedad Matemática Española - Matemática Discreta y Algorítmica, Pamplona, January 2024 (M. Noy: organisers of a special session and speaker).


- Discrete Probability Days, CRM Barcelona, October 2023 (P. Morris and G.Perarnau: invited speakers)

RandNET Workshop on Graph Limits and Networks, Prague, September 2023 (Part of our RandNet RISE network project)

- EUROCOMB'23: European Conference on Combinatorics (O. Serra: co-chair of the scientific committee, M. Noy: member of the scientific committee).

BARCELONA INTRODUCTION TO MATHEMATICAL RESEARCH 2023, Barcelona, July 2023 (G. Perarnau: dissemination talk, J. Rué: course lecturer)

- FOCM'2023, Paris, June 2023 (J. Rué: organizer of workshop "Graph theory and combinatorics")

21st INFORMS Applied Probability Society Conference, Nancy, June 2023 (G. Perarnau: mini-sympossium invited speaker)

- Aart and Combinatorics, Izmir, February 2023 (S. Ball: organizer)



XV Barcelona Weekend in Group Theory (P. Burillo, J. Delgado, E. Ventura: organizers; M. Roy: speaker).

FPSAC 2021,  Bar-Ilan University in Ramat-Gan, Israel, January 2022 (A. de Mier: plenary speaker). 

Discrete Mathematics DaysSantander, June 2022 (M. Noy: chair of the scientific committee, A. de Mier, L. Vena: members of the scientific committee, G. Perarnau: plenary speaker). 

- Probability and Combinatorics: a conference in celebration of Bruce Reed's mathematical career, Oxford, July 2022. (G.Perarnau: invited participant)

Workshop on Logic and Random Discrete Structures Dagstuhl, February  2022 (M. Noy: member of the organizing commitee)

Combinatorial Reconfiguration WorkshopBanff International Research Station, May 2022 (G. Perarnau: invited participant)

Algorithmic and Enumerative CombinatoricsVienna, July 2022 (M. Noy: invited speaker)

- RandNet workshop on Random graphs, Eindhoven, August 2022 (Part of our RandNet RISE network project). 



- EUROCOMB'21: European Conference on Combinatorics (GAPCOMB members form the organizing committee; O.Serra: co-chair of the scientific committee, M. Noy: member of the scientific committee, J. Rué, G. Perarnau: chairs of the organizing committee).



BYMAT conference 2020: Bringing Young Mathematicians Together, December 2020 (M. Noy: invited speaker)

15th Workshop on Computational Logic and Applications, October 2020 (M.Noy: invited speaker)

- FPSAC'20, Ramat Gan, Israel (July 2020) (A. de Mier: plenary speaker)

University of Cape Town, Cape Town, South Africa, (April 2020) (E. Ventura: plenary speaker)

- Workshop on Combinatorics, Oberwolfach, Germany, January 2020  (G. Perarnau: Invited participant).

- Workshop on Random Graphs. University of Tornio, January 2020  (G. Perarnau: Invited speaker).

- Workshop on Graph Theory & Combinatorics in Thuringia, Erfurt, July 2020 (G. Perarnau: Invited speaker).

- BgsMath advanced Course: Quantum Error-Correcting Codes (8 hours), Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya, January 2020 (S.Ball: organizer and lecturer, Felix Huber, ICFO),


Schloss Dagstuhl Seminar 19401: Comparative Theory for Graph Polynomials, October 2019 (M. Noy, A. de Mier:  invited participants).

CIRM Summer School "Random trees and graphs Summer School", July 2019  (J. Rué: organizer)

14th Barcelona Weekend on Group Theory (E. VenturaP. Burillo: organizers)

British Combinatorial Conference (G. Perarnau: co-chair of organizing committee)

Finite Geometry Workshop 2019, University of Szeged, Hungary, February 2019 (S.Ball:  invited speaker)



- CSASC 2018: Joint Meeting of the Czech, Slovenian, Austrian, Slovak and Catalan Mathematical Societies (O. Serra: organizer of the session 'Graph Theory and Combinatorics')

- 21st International Workshop for young Mathematicians (O.Serra: lecturer)

- Discrete Mathematics Days, Sevilla, June 2018 (O.Serra: chair of the scientific committeeJ.RuéA. de Mier: members of the scientific committee)

- Workshop on Enumerative Combinatorics, Oberwolfach, May 2018 (M. Noy: organizer)

- Workshop on Coding and Information Theory, Harvard, USA, April 2018 (S.Ball: invited speaker)

13th Barcelona Weekend on Group Theory (E. VenturaP. Burillo: organizers)

- ALEA meeting, CIRM Luminy, France, March 2018. (M. Noy: lecturer on Logic and random graphs) 

Discretaly: A Workshop in Discrete Mathematics, La Sapienza, Rome, February 2018 (S. Ball: invited speaker)

- 18th Journées Combinatoires et Algorithmiques du Littoral Méditerranéen JCALM, Barcelona, January 2018 (O. Serra: organizer)



The music of Numbers: a conference in honour of Javier Cilleruelo, ICMAT Madrid, September 2017 (J.RuéO.Serra: organizers)

- Group Theory session at the 'Second Joint Meeting Edinburgh Mathematical Society - Societat Catalana de Matemàtiques', Edimburgh 2017 (E. Ventura: organizer)

- Summer school on finite geometries, Brigthon, UK 2017 (S. Ball: lecturer)

Graph Theory and Combinatorics session at FOCM 2017, UB Barcelona, July 2017 (M. Noy: organizer)

Groups of Intermediate Growth, Seville, July 2017: workshop and three advanced courses (P. Burillo: organizer)

BGSMath Monthly Program 'Random Structures and Beyond', FME-UPC, May-June 2017 (J. Rué, O. Serra: organizers)

BGSMath graduate course 'Interactions of harmonic analysis, combinatorics and number theory', UB Barcelona, April-May 2017 (J. Rué, O. Serra: organizers and lecturers)

- Twelfth Barcelona Weekend in Group Theory. FME-UPC Barcelona, May 2017 (P. Burillo: organizer)

 - BGSMath Advanced CourseInteractions of harmonic analysis, combinatorics and number theory, April-May 2017 (J. Rué, O. Serra: lecturers on application Fourier analysis in combinatorics and number theory).



- Combinatorics and Graph Theory session at CSASC 2016, IEC Barcelona, September 2016 (O. Serra: organizer) 

- Algebra and combinatorics session at 6th Iberian Mathematical Meeting, USC, Spain, October 2017 (J. Pfeifle: organizer)

- New directions in Combinatorics, Singapur, May 2016 (S. Ball: lecturer)

Symposium Diskrete Mathematik , Freie Universität Berlin,  July 2016 (J.Rué: organizer)

Discrete Mathematics Days 2016, FME-UPC Barcelona,  July 2016  (J.Rué: chair of the Organizing Committee, O. Serra: chair of the Scientific Committee)

- Eleventh Barcelona Weekend in Group Theory, FME-UPC Barcelona, May 2016 (P. BurilloE. Ventura: organizers)

ALEA in Europe Meeting, Munich, February 2016 (M. Noy:  lecturer on Random Graphs from Constrained Classes)



Fall school on Random Graphs, Cargèse (Corsica), September 2015 (M. Noy and O. Serra lecturers on Random graphs from constrained classes of graphs  and the Lovász Local Lemma)

- CIMPA Summer School: AGRA II, Cusco, August 2015 (J. Rué: lecturer on combinatorial number theory)

Eurocomb 2015Bergen, August-September 2015 (O. Serra: Chair of the Scientific Committee)

- Berlin-Poznán-Hamburg Seminar, 20th Anniversary, Freie Universität Berlin, 29-30 May (J. Rué: organizer)

Tenth Barcelona Weekend in Group Theory, FME UPC Barcelona, May  2015 (P. Burillo, E. Ventura: organizers)

- 'Geometric Group Theory' session at the Joint Meeting of the Edinburgh Mathematical Society with the Catalan Mathematical Society May 2015 (P. Burillo, E. Ventura: organizers)

Let's Matroid! CUSO Doctoral School,  Neuchatel, May 2015 (A. de Mier: lecturer on Transversal matroids)



- Random Discrete Structures Session at Barcelona Mathematical Days, IEC, November 2014 (O. Serra: organizer)

- 3-week BlockCourse: towards the Polynomial Freiman-Ruzsa ConjectureFreie Universität Berlin, October 2014 (J. Rué: organizer) Some photos 

Clay Mathematical Summer School 2014: Periods and Motives, ICMAT Madrid, June 2014 (J. Rué: organizer) 

Ninth Barcelona Weekend in Group Theory, FME UPC, May 2014 (P. Burillo, E. Ventura: organizers)

-  Workshop on Enumerative Combinatorics , Oberwolfach, March 2014  (M. Noy: organizer)