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List of research projects

All the members of the research grop are proudly founded by the María de Maetzu research grant MDM-2014-0445 through the Barcelona Graduate School of Mathematics.



- MTM2017-82166-P: Geometric, algebraic and probabilistic combinatorics. PI: O. Serra, J. Rué; research members: S. Ball, A. de Mier, A. Lladó, M. Noy, 

- MTM2017-82740-P: Geometric Methods in Group Theory. PI: E. Ventura; research members: P Burillo.

Past research projects 

- MTM2014-54745-P: Discrete, Geometric and Random Structures. PI: M. Noy, O. Serra; research members: S.Ball, A. de Mier, J. Pfeiffle

- MTM2014-54896-P: Geometric Methods in Group Theory. PI: E. Ventura; research members: P Burillo.

- MTM2014-54896-P: Spanish Network of Group Theory. PI: P. Burillo; research members: E. Ventura.

- FP7 PEOPLE- 2013-CIG 630749: CountGraph. PI: J. Rué. (Marie Curie Career Integration Grant at FU Berlin)

- Projekt-ID 57134837: RanConGraph. PI: J. Rué, V. Ravelomanana (Collateral project between France and Germany)