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The following people are the permanent faculty members of the research team: 




Pep Burillo

Associate Professor


Pep.png Research interests: geometric group theory, metric properties of finitely generated groups,Thompson's groups, Houghton's groups

Simeon Ball

Associate Professor


Simeon.png Research interests: incidence geometries, codes, semifields, linear algebraic techniques over graphs

Anna Lladó

Associate Professor


annaLl.png Research interests: graph labellings, additive combinatorics

Anna de Mier

Associate Professor


AnnadM.png Research interests: matroid theory, enumerative combinatorics

Marc Noy (Coordinator)

Full Professor


Marc.png Research interests: random graphs, enumerative combinatorics, analytic combinatorics, discrete geometry, logic laws

Guillem Perarnau

Associate Professor



guillem.png Research interests: probabilistic and extremal combinatorics, random combinatorial structures and randomized algorithms

Julian Pfeifle

Associate Professor



Research interests: polytope theory, discrete geometry, algebraic combinatorics

Juanjo Rué

Associate Professor


Juanjo.png Research interests: analytic combinatorics, random graphs, additive and extremal combinatorics


Oriol Serra

Full Professor


Oriol.png Research interests: additive combinatorics, graph theory, random graphs

Lluis Vena

Beatriz de Pinós Researcher



Researh interests: additive combinatorics, graph limits, graph polynomials

Enric Ventura

Associate Professor


Enric.png Research interests: free groups, algorithmic group theory, assimptotic group theory



Former members:

Gonzalo Fiz-Pontiveros (Bgsmath Postdoctoral researcher) 2017-2019

- Oznur Yasar Diner (Visiting Professor) 2019-2020 Webpage



The following students are preparing a PhD thesis in our research team:


Maximilian Wötzel  (Advisor: J.Rué and O. Serra)

Vasiliki Velona (Advisors: Gábor Lugosi at UPF- J. Rué)

Matthew Coulson (Advisor: G. Perarnau)

Alberto Larrauri (Advisor: M. Noy)


(Foto taken at FME-UPC: June 2017)

Screenshot 2017-12-14 16.50.32.png

Past graduate students (2009-2017)

Juanjo Rué (2009): Enumeration and limit laws of topological graphs. Supervisor: M. Noy

Amanda Montejano (2009): Colored combinatorial structures. Supervisor: O. Serra

- Jordi Moragas (2010):  Graph labelings and graph decompositions by partitioning sets of integers. Supervisor. A. Lladó

- Lluis Vena (2012): The removal lemma: algebraic versions and applications. Supervisor: O. Serra

Guillem Perarnau (2013): Random combinatorial structures with low dependencies. Supervisor: O. Serra

Arnau Padrol (2013): Neighborly and almost neighborly configurations, and their duals. Supervisor: J. Pfeifle

- Aaron Dall (2015): h-vectors, Zonotopes, and Lawrence Polytopes. Supervisor: J. Pfeifle

- Lander Ramos (2017): Graph enumeration and random graphs. Supervisor: M. Noy 

- Jordi Delgado (2017): Extensions of free groups: algebraic, geometric, and algorithmic aspects. Supervisor: E. Ventura

Clément Requilé (2017): Asymptotic study of regular planar graphs.  Supervisor: J. Rué at Freie Universität Berlin

- Mallika Roy (2020): Algebraic and algorithmic aspects of Zm × Fn : fixed subgroups and quantification of inertia. Supervisor: E. Ventura

Christoph Spiegel (2020): Additive structures and Randomness in CombinatoricsSupervisorsJ. Rué and O. Serra