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See the webpage of the members of the group for the whole list of papers of each researcher.

Highlighted papers of the research team

 Accepted papers

- (Book) S.Ball. A Course in Algebraic Error-Correcting Codes, Compact Textbooks in Mathematics, Birkhauser, 2020.

- J. Cilleruelo, O. Serra, M. Wötzel: Sidon set systems. To appear at Revista Matemática Iberoamericana. arXiv

- J.Rué, C. Spiegel: On a problem of Sárközy and Sós for multivariate linear forms. To appear in Revista Matemática Iberoamericana. arXiv.


Year 2020

M. Noy, C. Requilé, J. Rué: Further results on random cubic planar graphs. To appear at Random Structures and Algorithms. arXiv

M. RoyE. Ventura: "Fixed subgroups and computation of auto-fixed closures in free-abelian times free groups",  Journal of Pure and Applied Algebra 224 (4) (april 2020), 106--210

S. Ball, B. Csajbok. On sets of points with few odd secants, Combinatorics, Probability, Computing, 29, 31--43 (2020).

- G. Chapuy and G. Perarnau. Local convergence and stability of tight bridge-addable graph classes. Canadian Journal of Mathematics 72(3):563--601 (2020) 

- G. Chapuy and G. Perarnau. On the number of coloured triangulations of d-manifolds. Discrete & Computational Geometry (2020)

M. Coulson, P. Keevash, G. Perarnau, L. Yepremyan. Rainbow factors in hypergraphs. Journal of Combinatorial Theory, Series A 172:105--184 (2020). arXiv

Year 2019

- C. Kusch, J. Rué, C. Spiegel, T. Szabó: On the optimality of the uniform random strategy. Random Structures and Algorithms 55 (2): 371-401 (2019) .

- M. Noy, C. Requilé, J. Rué: Enumeration of labelled 4-regular planar graphs. To appear at Proceedings of the London Mathematical Society 119 (2): 358-378

- G. Chapuy, G. Perarnau. Connectivity in bridge-addable graph classes: the McDiarmid-Steger-Welsh conjecture. Journal of Combinatorial Theory, Series B 136 (C):44-71 (2019).

- M. Coulson, G. Perarnau. Rainbow matchings in Dirac bipartite graphs. Random Structures and Algorithms  55(2):271-289 (2019).

- S. Ball, M. Lavrauw. Arcs in finite projective spaces, EMS Surveys in Mathematical Science, 6,133--172 (2019) . 

Year 2018

S. Ball: On sets defining few ordinary planes. Discrete and Computational Geometry, 60 (2018), p. 220-253.

S. Ball: Extending small arcs to large arcs, European Journal of Mathematics, 4 (2018) 8-25.

S. Ball: Review of Larry Guth's "Polynomial Methods in Combinatorics" in Jahresbericht der Deutschen Mathematiker-Vereinigung, 120 (2018) 147-150

S. Ball, M. Lavrauw: Planar arcs, Journal of Combinatorial Theory, Series A, 160 (2018) 261-287

- A. Lladó: Decomposing almost complete graphs by random tree. Journal of combinatorial theory, Series A, Vol. 154, p. 406-421.

- P. Heinig, T. Müller, M. Noy, A. Taraz: Logical limit laws for minor-closed classes of graphs. Journal of combinatorial theory. Series B, Vol. 130, p. 158-206.

- T. Müller, M. Noy: The first order convergence fails for perfect random graphs. Random Structures & Algorithms 53 (4) (2018): 717-727.

- J. Rué, C. Spiegel, A. Zumalacárregui Threshold functions for systems of equations on random sets. Mathematische Zeitschrift 288 (1-2) (2018), 333-36

 - J. Delgado, E. Ventura, A. Zakharov, "Intersection problem for Droms RAAGs", International Journal of Algebra and Computation 28 (2018), 1129--1162


 Published Papers (Selection 2014-2017)

- B. Cavallo, J. Delgado, D. Kahrobaei, E. Ventura"Algorithmic recognition of infinite cyclic extensions", Journal of Pure and Applied Algebra 221 (2017), 2157--2179

- M. Drmota, L. Ramos, J. Rué: Subgraph statistics in subcritical graph classes. Random Structures & Algorithms 51 (4) (2017): 631-673.

- J. Martí-Farré, A. de Mier: Transformation and decomposition of clutters into matroids. Advances in Mathematics 312 (2017), 286–314.

 - J. Burillo, F. Matucci, E. Ventura: The conjugacy problem in extensions of Thompson's group F. Israel Journal of Mathematics 216 (2017), 15–59.

- Y. Antolín, A. Martino, E. Ventura: Degree of commutativity of infinite groups. Proceedings of the American Mathematical Society 145 (2017), 479–485.

J. Rué, O. Serra, Ll. Vena: Counting configuration-free sets on groups. European Journal of Combinatorics 66 (2017), 281-307.

S. Ball, J. de Beule: On subsets of the Normal Rational Curve. IEEE Transactions on Information Theory 63 (2017), 3658–3662.

- S. Ball: Finite geometry and combinatorial applications. Cambridge University Press 2015

- Y. Antolín, J. Burillo, A. Martino: Conjugacy in Houghton's groups. Publicacions Matemàtiques 59 (2015), 3-16.

- M. NoyJ. Rué, V. Ravelomanana: On the probability of planarity of a random graph near the critical point. Proceedings of the American Mathematical Society 143 (2015), 925–936.

- K. Böröczky, F. Santos, O. Serra: On sumsets and convex hull. Pages: Discrete and Computational Geometry 52 (2014), 705–729.

- M. Drmota, O. Giménez, M. Noy, K. Panagiotou, A. Steger: The maximum degree of random planar graphs. Proceedings of the London Mathematical Society 109 (2014), 892-920.